Healing from the Inside Out is an approach that draws on ancient wisdom, scientific studies and the direct experiences of many individuals like myself who grew to realize that our suffering was in fact an opportunity, a wake up call, prompting us to reexamine and ultimately to redo our lives.

At its core is the ancient practice of Mindfulness Meditation, a technique to train the mind to slow down and to pay attention. As we do so, we begin to focus inward, into the center of our beings, to calm our minds and to open our hearts—and we discover the natural sense of ease that is our birthright.

As we learn the simple practices, which begin with focusing on the body and the breath, we train our minds again and again to come back to the moment,

- we learn to be with each moment exactly as it is

- we learn to be with ourselves exactly as we are

- and we learn that within each of us is all the love and peace that we are looking for.

That's when the real healing begins!

Please join me in this amazing adventure, this exploration into the fullness of all that life offers and all that we can offer to it!


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